Kit Brew Number 1: Brewferm Christmas Ale

September 19, 2009

Thought I’d try this Brewferm kit as the instructions state you don’t need priming sugar which intrigued me. The brew will finish high at 1020 & the residual sugars left will do the carbonation. I’m a bit sceptical, but hopefully on Christmas morn’ I can crack open a beautifully conditioned bottle of Belgian beer! Given that most of my brews finish high anyway I wonder how this’ll turn out? Making the kit was very easy & as there was only 7 litres of it so I went mad with the oxygenation (poured it back & forth about 10 times between two fermentors) & got a huge head of foam. The OG was 1064 & after 2 weeks in the fermentor it was bang on 1020. 14 bottles of the stuff then went into the tank cupboard to prime. Apparently Belgian monks have a warm room which they use to prime their beer in. My tank cupboard will have to do! I’m really going to try & leave this until Christmas day before sampling it…


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