Scrumpy Experiment!

September 30, 2009

I thought I’d branch out with my homebrewing & have a shot at cider making.  I got a couple of bags of apples from my Dad’s trees; another bag from a friend & a big bag gathered while visiting Aberdour Castle in Fife.  There was an orchard in the castle grounds so me and my 3 year old son gathered all the windfalls & filled up my back pack.  The entry did cost £4.20 so I think it’s fair!

I then borrowed a fruit juicer & after an hour or so of mashing I ended up with around 7 litres of pulpy, murky apple juice.  I treat the juice with 2 campden tablets over night to kill off the wild yeast & other bugs before sprinkling on a sachet Youngs Cider Yeast.

Will this swamp water turn into cider?  I have my doubts!

Will this swamp water turn into cider? I have my doubts!

Well, this is how it looks.  Not very appetising.  I wonder how this’ll turn out?


2 Responses to “Scrumpy Experiment!”

  1. pdtnc Says:

    Looks, erm!! Lovely?!!
    From what I’ve been told a local brewery around us are having a apple collection whereby you can take your apples around and either help with the brewing process or get back some of the finished product… not a bad idea, good for getting people interested in brewing.

  2. The demi-johns are smelling a bit funky at the moment… Hopefully the experiment hasn’t become infected!

    Very good idea from that brewery. Particularly about sampling the final product.

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