Brewferm Christmas Ale Update!

December 6, 2009

Well, it’s December & I’ve just put my tree up so that more than justifies me sampling the Brewferm Christmas Ale.  It’s been 12 weeks since I bottled it so it should be well & truely conditioned.

This was the kit which strangely required no priming sugar for the secondary fermentation.  Just bottle it up & leave it.  So have I got 14 bottles of flat brown booze?  Well, here’s a picture:

Brewferm Christmas Ale

Look at the head on that!

I have fizz!  And I’d even say it was over carbonated.  The head was massive & rock solid.  Like a meringue!  And the taste was intriguing.  Nice and malty but with a real bitter yeasty aftertaste.  Not to keen on that to be honest.  After a bit of airing it did dissipate though – perhaps it’s due to some noxious yeast gases?  Anyway, I’ll keep sampling this every couple of months.  Maybe it’ll be at it’s peak next Christmas!


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