Mini-Mash Brew Number 2: Ranakpur IPA

January 12, 2010

Ranakpur India Pale Ale

Grain Bill:
Light DME – 1500g
Pale Malt – 1000g
Crystal Malt – 163g

Wheat Malt – 163g

Amber Malt – 41g


Challenger 6.4% AA @ 60 mins 38g
Challenger 6.4% AA @ 15 mins 31g
EK Goldings 4.6% AA @ 5 mins 20g
EK Goldings 4.6% AA @ 0 mins 20g

Total IBU = 59
1 x pack Safale 05 yeast

Total £19.50, 75p/bottle.

I’ve not updated the blog for a while as I was away over Christmas and New Year but I did manage to get a brew on.  Unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures!  I’ll update this post with a picture of the first cracked open bottle.  I have high hopes this’ll be my best brew yet.  The name for the brew is taken from a Jain temple I visited in Rajasthan when I did a bit of traveling in my youth.  Hopefully it’ll be a classic English IPA with robust hop & alcohol content with a bit of malt complexity.  For my next brew I plan to replicate the grain bill entirely & substitute Amarillo for all the hop additions to make an American IPA.  This was my first time using US05 & was impressed by the attenuation (1057 to 1012 in 10days) and the weird gloopy head it formed.  It also cleared with no problems.

The current mini-mash method is going ok.  A lot smoother than the previous one anyway and I am definitely extracting sugars.  However I have ordered some bits of copper pipe & plan to make a small 15 litre mash tun inspired by the excellent pdtnc brew-blog.

And I used a wort chiller!  This was a present for myself and was well worth the £27.50 investment.


2 Responses to “Mini-Mash Brew Number 2: Ranakpur IPA”

  1. pdtnc Says:

    Sounds like a good brew, I like challenger 🙂
    If I alter my 15L tun it will be to get rid of the plastic pipe and add a ball-valve instead of the drum tap I have now.
    The more slots you can get in the copper manifold the better, mine sometimes needs the occasional prod and poke to keep it at a sensible run-off speed 🙂

  2. Thanks for the heads up! I’ll be getting my copper bits this weekend. Can’t wait to get started…!

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