Antiquated Burco Boiler

March 20, 2010

Last time my Dad was up he brought along a Burco Boiler he had mouldering in his shed.  Seeing as my first All Grain brew is coming up I thought I’d have a look at it’d come in handy as a Hot Liquor Tank.  However it’s in need of a bit of TLC.

It’s covered in cob-webs, the plug is rusty, the flex has melted (presumably where it rested against the boiler on it’s last use) and the washers around the heating element have corroded meaning it’s no longer water tight.  My Dad claimed it was in use last year to dispense tea to thirsty turkey pluckers, but seeing how rough it looks I don’t see how.

The flex was easy enough to change.  The heating element had seized tight but eventually loosened after a bit of WD40.  Hopefully Homebase will stock the correct size washers.  And then I’ll try switching it on…


I couldn’t find any washers suitable at homebase (surprise, surprise..) so after trawling the JBK forum for advice I bought a small sheet of 2mm silicone sheet from Ebay.  I then just cut a suitable washer using a stanley knife.  And it works; no leaks!

So now for a test run…  I removed the simmerstat control completely & just hooked up the power direct to the heating element.  It then took about 35 mins to bring 20 litres of cold water to a nice rolling boil.  So now I’ll have to make a hop strainer & the boiler will be complete!


3 Responses to “Antiquated Burco Boiler”

  1. Geoff Says:

    Looks like it’s taking shape!

  2. R Says:


    I have this exact boiler and am looking to do the same thing. Can ask how exactly you bypassed the simmerstat?

    • Hello!
      I simply wired the heater element directly to the power cable. I you look on the element there are markings for the earth, live and neutral. The boil is pretty ferocious though! If you search on the Jims Beer Kit Forum there are some good photo guides on there. Good luck!

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