All Grain Number 2: Old Colonial ESB

June 13, 2010

Well, here is my second all grain which was inspired by the York Brewery Decade bitter. I was hoping for a session bitter with the usual malts but with the flavour and aroma coming from American and NZ hops (hence the “Old Colonial”)
And unfortunately there’s no photos! Although I was more relaxed & organised than last time my wife gave birth to a baby girl one week prior to this paternity leave brew day so I was a bit preoccupied…
I also used my refurbished Burco boiler as the kettle in this one. During a test run with water I worked out the loss to evaporation in the boil would be a whopping 30%! I took account of this by using more sparge water, but I may run the risk of over sparging and extracting tannins… anyway, time will tell whether this a mouth puckering brew.

Old Colonial ESB
Marris Otter 2400g
Torrefied Wheat 150g
Crystal 240 150g
Amber Malt 68g
Aromatic 150g

Pacific Gem 14.6% AA 6g @ 60 mins
Nelson Sauvin 11.3% AA 8g @ 20 mins
Amarillo 9.5% AA 9g @ 20 mins
Nelson Sauvin 11.3% AA 8g @ 1 mins
Amarillo 9.5% AA 9g @ 1 mins

8g Safale05

Final Volume 13.6L
Original Gravity 1047

The brew day went very well. I calculated the grain bill using 74% efficiency and took in to account the loss of 30% by evaporation and hit all my numbers. Safale05 quietly chewed through the sugars to once again leave 1010 FG. Smells from the fermentor were very fruity, which I guess comes from the hops as the yeast is very neutral.
So all in all a satisfying second round of all-grain. My next brew is to be a NS/Amarillo IPA where I will take photos!


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