all grain number 4: Wild Wookie Wheat

September 6, 2010

After a long lay off I finally managed to get a brew on. I though I’d take a shot at a wheat beer with a charge of British hops at the end.

Pale Malt 1400g
Wheat Malt 700g
Rye Malt 875g

EKG @ 60mins – 20g
Fuggle @ 5mins – 6g
EKG @ 3mins – 20g
Homegrown First Gold @ 3mins – 15g

1 sachet Safbrew WB06

Pre-boil Volume: 19.5L
Final Volume: 13.6L
Original Gravity: 1049

All went smoothly and the new tap and hop filter I’d fitted to the Burco worked a treat. I did underestimate how much wort gets left behind though. I’ll have to bump up the volume for the next brew which will be tomorrow!

I thought I’d actually post a wee piccy of what this brew looks like & some tasting notes. Something I’ll try & continue with future posts.

Wild Wookie Wheat in all it's cloudy glory.

So what about the taste? Well it is very clovey with no bannana notes I can detect. Kind of reminds me of a Brewfrem Triple kit I did many moons ago with Safbrew T58. Also spritzy on the palette with the fuggles coming through strongly. If I re-brew this I’d consider using some coriander or orange peel I reckon.


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