All Grain Number 5: Jagannatha IPA

September 11, 2010

Unbelievably I’m managing to brew on two consecutive days.  So this’ll be an IPA with perhaps a rather random hop combo – Fuggles and Pacific Gem.

Pale Malt 3600g
Wheat Malt 146g
Rye Malt 25g
Crystal 240 255g
Aromatic Malt 28g

Herkules @ 60mins – 3g
Fuggles @ 60mins – 16g
Pacific Gem @ 20mins – 9g
Fuggles @ 20mins – 34g
Pacific Gem @ 10mins 3g
Fuggles @ 10mins – 12g

1 sachet Safale US05

Pre-boil Volume: 22L
Final Volume: 15.4L
Original Gravity: 1059

The wort tasted seriously fruity though perhaps not as bitter as Id hoped.  On day 7 after fermentation I dry hopped with 20g each of fuggles and PG.


After a weeks cold conditioning I reckoned it was time for a sup.  The bitterness is just about right.  There’s a wiff of ribena along with a strong woody, earthy taste.  Quite hard to characterize and not what I was expecting at all.  It is …interesting.  A random experiment which I think has failed.  Perhaps it will mature into something better but I guess Pacific Gem should just be used for bittering additions.


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