Mini Mash 3: Winters Fylleth Porter

October 3, 2010

This was a serious user upper.  I’ve had a York Stonewall Bitter kit at the back of the cupboard since last Christmas as well as an odd kilo of pale malt and darker grains left over in the garage.  So I thought I’d synergistically combine the two to get a simple Autumnal ale in the King Keg.  I brewed a York Brewery Yorkshire  kit earlier on in the year and found it tasty, though a bit thin and low on the ABV (23 litres at 1036).  Mashing the grains should increase the gravity and the taste.  Here’s hoping!

Pale Malt 1200g

Crystal 240 40g

Aromatic Malt 227g

Chocolate Malt 227g

Amber Malt 113g

Liquid Malt Extract 1800g

Dry Malt Extract 1000g

All the bits of the kit with sparge underway!

The mash was super easy and and I collected about 10 litres of wort.  I boiled this for an hour with 10g of the hop pellets which came with the kit, and threw the remaining 30g in at flameout.  I then just mixed all the malt extract in the fermentor with the wort and topped it up to 23 litres.  The original gravity was 1054.  Top stuff!  Two sachets of Safale 04 finished this off at 1014 so that gives about 5.2%.


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