Behemoth Cascades!

August 25, 2011

Lordy, look at the size of these!  My Cascade hop plant has produced some real beauties in it’s first year.  A plethora of huge enormous cones.  At least three times the size of the EKG Cobb.  I guess they really do make things bigger in America!



2 Responses to “Behemoth Cascades!”

  1. Hi, could I have your permission to use this photo? I have recently graduated a course in Graphic Design, we had a brief that required us to create full page ads for a fictitious beer brewing company. Mine uses the ingredients as part of the campaign. I am including these ads in my portfolio. If you allow me to use the image I will acknowledge your copyright and also will never use it in a real campaign or sell it or give to anyone else. I will also make sure the photograph has your details written in the back end part of the photo along with your website. Thanks for your time

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