Brupaks Colne Valley Bitter Kit

August 27, 2011

Well I’ve nearly polished off the St Peters IPA so I thought I’d better get started on my next brew:  a Brupaks Colne Valley Bitter.  I bought a bunch of kits from the company The Thrifty Shopper who post to France at quite reasonable rates.

The main thing I’m paying attention to now is the temperature of the wort and oxygenation.  I chill my brewing water in my chest freezer before hand and use about 1.5 litres of boiling water to dissolve the extract and to rinse out the tins.  This means that after I’ve topped up the brew length it’s usually about 20 degrees C.

Anyway, the super easy brew was made up and pitched with a 1 liter starter of WLP002.

I hope it won’t stick at 1020…


Well 2 weeks after pitching and after rousing and heating the brew from the fourth day of fermentation I’ve kegged it.  At FG 1018.



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