Woodfordes Wherry Kit

September 24, 2011

Well I’ve started supping the Colne Valley Bitter so to avoid the previous lag time between brews I’m getting another brew on.  The Wherry kit has a of a ying-yang reputation in the homebrew community.  It’s the most popular and apparently flavorsome kit yet it is plagued with the reputation of sticking at 1020.  I’ll see how I get on!

I plan on just pitching slurry for this brew seeing as it is only 2 weeks old.  I’m certainly getting my moneys worth out of this vial of WLP002!

Woodforde Wherry BrewUpdate!

After 2 weeks the Wherry finished off at 1015 from 1046 (I’d made the kit up to 20 litres).  Not really stuck I suppose but still a bit high.  I kegged it with a big fat hop sock of this years homegrown cascades and EKG.  I plan on doing a Coopers kit next just to see if it is my poor brewing which is causing everything to finish high.



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