All Grain Number 6: Golden Goblin Ale

February 12, 2012

A very understanding wife took care of the kids for the day so I could get on with my first all grain brew for over a year.  I thought I’d go with something relatively simple so as not to bugger it up so a biiter with just two hop additions sounded ideal.  I used a recipe for Wychwood Hobgoblin as a starting point, subbing out the Styrian Goldings hops for First Gold (hence the “Golden” Goblin).  For the yeast I thought I’d try a 50:50 mix of Danstar Windsor and Nottingham hoping the fruity flavour of the Windsor will come through while the Notty will help with the attenuation.

3860g Pale Malt
324g Crystal 150 EBC
90g Crystal 320 EBC
18g Sugar
Fuggles @ 60 mins 14g
EKG @ 60 mins 10g
First Gold @ 15 mins 38g
Cascade @ 15 mins 10g
Pre-boil Volume: 26 Litres
Final Volume: 21 Litres
Original Gravity: 1045
Final Gravity: 1009
Alcohol Content: 4.5% ABV

My newly lagged Burco is doubling as a HLT and boiler so there was a fair bit of jigging about of wort and hot water.  I also had a massive boil over of wort and my stainless steel braided hop filter stuck after chilling.  I was forced to just pour wort, hops and break material into the fermenter and hope for the best.  So, a few hiccups but nothing major!

The view from my (garage) brewery. Snowy!

Frothy fermentation with all the hops floating on top.


2 Responses to “All Grain Number 6: Golden Goblin Ale”

  1. pdtnc Says:

    Interesting yeast idea, you’ll have to report back.
    Check out your snow too, I’m jealous 🙂

  2. Hi pdtnc! I’m not sure the yeast experiment worked. It attenuated by around 80% and the finished product is not too fruity, so it all sounds like Notty to me. I did ferment rather low though (16-18 deg C) so maybe the Windsor character was subdued due to that.

    The snow was beautiful but all gone now. Sunny skies this week so it looks like spring is coming. Hopefully my hops will sprout soon!

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