All Grain Number 11: Surly Frenchman

July 7, 2012

Yahoo!  A day off work and an empty house.  Time to brew!

I’m going for an American pale ale today which should compliment the clement weather we’re having in Alsace at the moment.  The recipe is a clone of the 21st Amendment Bitter American which I found in Brew Your Own magazine, though I did tweak the hops a bit as I wasn’t too happy with the quality of the Cascades in my last brew.  I subscribe to BYO and think it’s a great read and not too expensive either – even with the over seas shipping.

4290g Pale Malt
155g Crystal 150 EBC
155g Crystal 60 EBC
310g Munich
Chinook @ 60 mins 21g
Centennial @ 15 mins 23g
Chinook @ 0 mins 19g
Centennial @ 15 mins 10g
Chinook Dry Hop 10g
Centennial Dry Hop 20g
Pre-boil Volume: 26 Litres
Final Volume: 22 Litres
Original Gravity: 1048
Final Gravity: 1015
Alcohol Content: 4.3% ABV
Yeast: S05

I’m going for a 70°C mash temp on this one to hopefully get the high FG with the greedy beast that is Safale S05.

The hop filter works! And the wort is nice and clear.

And amazingly my hop filer carrot construction worked like a charm.  And I finally got to see what break material looks like…

So that’s what break material looks like!


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