Big Umber Amber

February 26, 2013

Oh my god!  A blog post!  Time has been severely limited of late with the usual suspects of modern life gobbling up my brewdays.  But I finally managed to squeeze one in, so here is the post.  It’s a simple amber ale with plenty of high alpha British hops.  I used Windsor yeast which can be a finicky bugger (low attenuation, poor clearing) but is quite flavourful.  Other thing of note is that I did an overnight mash to cut a few hours off the brew day.  Anyway, here’s the recipe:

4000g Marris Otter
227g Crystal 150 EBC
113g Crystal 240 EBC
227g Chocolate Malt 1000 EBC
Northdown 9.3% @ 60 mins 12g
Northdown 9.3% @ 15 mins 28g
First Gold 8.1% @ 10 mins 16g
Aurora 8.5% @ 10 mins 16g
First Gold 8.1% @ 0 mins 34g
Aurora 8.5% @ 0 mins 34g
Final Volume: 23L
OG: 1045
FG: 1012

I mashed in at 66degreesC on Friday night and wrapped several blankets and a sleeping bag around the tun.  Twelve hours later the temperature had dropped to 50degreesC.  I then topped it up with near boiling water raising it to 78degreesC which was perfect for sparging.

A totally uninspiring shot of the hydrometer 3 days later!

A totally uninspiring shot of the hydrometer 3 days later!

Windsor did the job and the gravity is sitting at 1012 three days later.


2 Responses to “Big Umber Amber”

  1. pdtnc Says:

    How’s this one tasting, looks a fairly solid dark pint 🙂

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