Lion of Lannister Pale Ale

March 29, 2013

I still haven’t used last years hop harvest in anger, so I thought a Sierra Nevada inspired pale ale would do the job.  And the title of the brew comes from The Game of Thrones and those dastardly blonde Lannisters!

My homegrown cascades look and smell delicious.  Really, really stinky.  Much more pungent than the higher alpa hops I’d actually purchased.  Given the Aurora and Northdown hops were from a 2011 harvest it makes me wonder how much aroma and flavor they’d lost over the prolonged storage.

Another overnight mash and Windsor yeast again too.

4000g Marris Otter
260g Crystal 150 EBC
Northdown 9.3% @ 60 mins 14g
Alsace Cascades 6% @ 10 mins 42g
Aurora 8.5% @ 10 mins 42g
Alsace Cascades 6% @ 0 mins 43g
Final Volume: 22L
OG: 1048
FG: 1012

I had to do a bit of serious water treatment to be able to brew this pale, 20EBC beer using my rock hard French water.  Lashings of Carbonate Reducing Solution and Magnesium Sulphate were called for.

Seriously stinky Alsacian Cascades

Seriously stinky Alsacian Cascades


3 Responses to “Lion of Lannister Pale Ale”

  1. pdtnc Says:

    I did a Home grown green hopped beer, it tastes pretty bad! I should have dried the hops I dare say it would have been better.

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